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SemTech IT Has Been Named A Sophos Gold Partner

SemTech IT Has Been Named A Sophos Gold Partner

SemTech IT Has Been Named A Sophos Gold Partner

We’re proud to be a Sophos Gold partner — do you know what it means for you and our clients?

SemTech IT has recently been made a Sophos Gold Partner – a title that grants us the ability to offer even more to our clients. The Sophos Partner program allows us to offer premium security solutions to the businesses we support and makes it easy for those businesses to enjoy the full range of benefits that the next-gen security tools and endpoint protections Sophos offers.

By partnering with a vendor like Sophos, we’re able to bring top-of-the-line products to our small and mid-sized business clients that are fully integrated and designed to simplify cybersecurity management. More importantly, our team has full access to in-depth training that allows us to provide the very best support, and make sure we’re setting clients up with the perfect Sophos solution to meet their unique needs.

Being named a Sophos Gold Partner means that the SemTech IT team has access to even more amazing benefits that we’re able to pass on to our clients. As our partnership with Sophos grows, so does our ability to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity protection.

Through this partnership, we are able to provide area businesses with:

  •   XG Firewall protection
  •   Secure Web Gateway protection
  •   Secure Email Gateway protection
  •   SafeGuard Encryption
  •   Sophos Mobile
  •   Sophos Central centralized security management platform
  •   And more!

The Sophos solutions roster covers your business IT network from end-to-end, securing your systems and data against today’s biggest cyber threats and helping to minimize the risks that come with relying on technology to keep your operations running smoothly. Superior solutions and dedicated support make all the difference, and thanks to our friends at Sophos, SemTech IT is well-positioned to offer the best cybersecurity services on the market.

Why Is This Sophos Partnership So Important To Us?

While cybersecurity is far from all we have to offer, as an IT provider working with modern businesses, we recognize that the risks facing our clients are very serious. The number of cyber threats that have the potential to cause serious problems for businesses large and small is the highest it’s ever been, which means our responsibility to our clients has never been more pressing.

We take our role as your IT partner to heart and strive to offer the best possible solutions to meet your business’ every technology need. That means being able to give you cutting-edge security solutions that will keep hackers and scammers at bay, and protect your valuable business data, as well as your operations as a whole, safe and secure.

Having the level of access and behind the scenes support, this partnership with Sophos affords us makes all the difference where your business’ security is concerned. We’re able to not only stay a step ahead of cybercrime but a step ahead of other IT support providers in our area. While we work hard on our own to keep current with the newest malware strains and phishing tactics, our friends at Sophos are working just as hard to find more efficient and effective ways to thwart these threats. Together, we’re able to offer SemTech IT clients the very pest in cybersecurity protection.

With a full range of industry-leading cybersecurity solutions at our disposal and direct access to the professionals who craft and improve these measures, we’re able to do more than just implement and monitor great solutions; we’re able to put in place the perfect solution to meet your needs, and give you peace of mind knowing you’ve got the very best in IT security working for you.

Even better – you don’t have to deal with another vendor to get this level of service. You get to deal with the team of IT professionals you’ve built a rapport with. We’ve already taken the time to get to know your business and your team, and we hope that in that time you’ve come to trust us with your business’ most valuable assets. And it’s because of advantages like our Sophos Gold Partner status that we’re able to go above and beyond for our clients each and every day.


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