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The Impact of Adding More RAM To Your Computer

The Impact of Adding More RAM To Your Computer

Your computer’s memory comes in three parts: the physical memory, the virtual memory, and the Random Access Memory. The system memory does not provide permanent storage like a hard disk drive does when you turn off your computer.

When you start a program, the hard drive receives a command from the processor to retrieve the program. Once the processor accesses the programs, the computer needs a workspace to interact with the data. This digital workspace constitutes the RAM, where the computer temporarily places the programs as you work on them to enable the processor to access the information faster and with ease.

The Effect of RAM Size on Speed

Generally, the bigger the size of your computer’s RAM, the larger the digital workspace your processor has to work on the programs you run. The RAM size sets the upper limit of the functions that the computer can handle at a time. If your computer performs slowly and takes time to load programs, your first thought might be to increase RAM.

While you may add virtual memory because it is less expensive, adding the physical RAM is a more preferred solution, as the processor can access data faster from RAM than from a hard drive. RAM affects your computer’s performance by determining the memory capacity and the memory speed. The faster the RAM, the faster your computer’s processing speed will be.

With faster RAM, your computer’s memory increases the speed it transfers information to other components. This means that the fast processor gains an equal chance to communicate to other parts, enhancing the efficiency of the computer.

Signs that Your Computer Needs More RAM

The first sign that your computer needs more RAM is when it starts running slow. However, you might not think much about it until it becomes a recurring problem. If you constantly see icons of spinning hourglass or have a frozen, unresponsive screen, it is time to add your computer memory.

Other characteristic signs of insufficient memory include:

  • Programs that suddenly and frequently stop responding
  • Sub-par performance that plagues everyday tasks
  • Having to wait for your computer to respond to typing
  • Delayed response when you click on an icon
  • Inability to multitask with more than one program
  • Regular system notifications about low memory
  • The system stops responding when you try to open apps or documents
  • Your computer’s productivity is stalled because of system updates
  • Opening or working on spreadsheets causes your system to slow down to a crawl

Adding More RAM to Your Computer

Before you can add more RAM to your computer, you need to determine how much memory is available on your machine. You also need to check the maximum memory it can support and determine if the processor uses a 32-bit or 64-bit register.

Before buying more RAM for your PC, check to see that you acquire the right kind of memory sticks. Most modern computers use either DDR3 or DDR4 RAM modules. If your machines are old enough to support DDR2, upgrading the RAM may not make too much sense. It would be better to invest that money in buying new PCs with bigger RAM size.

Remember to install memory modules in matching pairs. For example, if you want to add 4 GB of memory, consider installing two 2 GB sticks in the two memory slots instead of 3 GB in one space and 1 GB in the other. The memory sticks should also have similar specifications for system stability. If one has a slower speed, your computer will rely on the memory of the slowest bar to run.

Advantages of Adding RAM to Your Computer

The upsides of adding more RAM to your computer depending on the usage of the machines. In a business setting, adding more RAM brings the following benefits:

Prevents Computer Slowdowns

Your employees are often exposed to situations where they have to handle more than one computer function simultaneously. Computers tend to experience significant slowdowns when running more programs before a memory upgrade.

Your employees can be beneficiaries of a RAM upgrade because it will enable them to run more programs at the same time. While the general thought is that more RAM enhances the speed of your computer, in reality, it only creates more space to run many high-memory programs. By upgrading the memory, you can get rid of this problem. The extra memory you install is allocated to opening several other programs simultaneously. This goes a long way in preventing bottlenecks when using your machine.

If all RAM space is used up when you have many programs open, the computer starts using the virtual memory on the hard drive, slowing down the computer a bit. Additional memory prevents this from happening.

Faster Browsing 

You will notice a better PC performance when browsing the internet after a RAM upgrade. Web browsers perform better after a memory upgrade, despite the speed of your internet connection. Besides, an increase in memory can help open flash content faster, as the computer doesn’t have to use the hard drive’s memory when the RAM space is full.

Remember that websites today typically have larger images and embedded videos that play automatically. They are also well-endowed with streaming audio, animated GIFs, and animated banner ads. Even with a pop-up blocker installed, you will still come across a site that opens pop-ups anyway. While more RAM may not eliminate these website tactics, it will keep your system from being overwhelmed by them.

Increased Efficiency in Printing

If your business routinely needs to print large files, it’s inevitable to run into printing bottlenecks. You might blame it on suing cheap printers, but in reality, you could resolve the problem by upgrading the RAM. This will allow your computer to do a better job buffering the print data to print faster and get larger images.

Final Thoughts

Working on a slow machine can be frustrating and time-consuming. When your devices start exhibiting signs of running slow, you may want to consider upgrading their memory. However, the logistics, considerations, requirements behind the upgrade may prove to be challenging for you.

Luckily, with the help of an IT expert, the process should be seamless and practical. An IT expert will also check the overall condition of your computer hardware and software and give recommendations for better performance. Experts at SemTech IT Solutions are available to help with all your IT service needs. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation.


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