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Tip of the Week: 4 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

The ultimate goal of any business is to increase the volume of services it provides its clients in order to reap larger profits, as is likely the goal of your business as well. Perhaps you have been successful in attracting new clients, but if you wish to continue to experience such growth, then you’ll need to also attract quality employees.

Attracting top talent can prove challenging, especially when your budget is limited and your industry is competitive. However, onboarding a talented employee versus a mediocre worker makes for a world of difference. Therefore, it’s worth it to take extra measures in order to attract top talent. Here are four tips to help your business onboard the talented workers you need to succeed.

Offer Benefits
When it comes to attracting prospective employees, this is undoubtedly one of the most effective tactics. While this may seem like a pain at first (after all, nobody wants to deal with sifting through piles of underqualified candidate applications), it is actually greatly to your benefit, as the more potential employees you attract, the larger your search pool from which to select the best candidate for the job. Promising significant pay and/or cash bonuses for signing on can help you secure a new employee promptly, reducing the time it takes to introduce a new member to your staff.

These benefits don’t necessarily have to be strictly financial, either. An offer of flexible work hours or plenty of opportunities for career enhancement and education can also be very effective motivators for a prospective employee to accept a position.

Challenge Them
Hard workers tend to relish a challenge that tests their abilities. Try including a difficult problem to solve that’s challenging enough to attract the caliber of worker you’re seeking, into the application process itself. This approach has the double-benefit of drawing in the caliber of talent you want, as well as setting a minimum standard that applicants must reach to be considered, consolidating your applicants to only viable candidates.

Idealize the Workplace
Let’s face it, you could onboard all the talent you want, but if highly-demanded talent isn’t given a positively-charged workplace, there is nothing to stop them from going out and finding one elsewhere. Emphasize the strengths of your business as you work to onboard new employees, and offer prospects the chance to acquaint themselves with your business as they begin the interview process. For prospects looking to leave their current position, hold these orientations after regular business hours and to speak with your current employees, if possible. If a current employee is happy with their position, they will very likely have a lot of good to share with a prospect about the office working experience.

Provide the Latest Technology
In a recent study of Millennial workers (who will make up the majority of the workforce by 2020), it was discovered that 42 percent will seriously consider leaving a job if the latest technologies are not provided. In order for your business to attract and retain young talent, you’ll need to show potential workers that you’re serious about technology. For example, an office where workers can use their own mobile devices is a big draw for potential employees who are attached to their personal devices. SemTech IT Solutions can assist you with implementing an attractive and secure Bring Your Own Device policy, as well as recommending the latest technologies that talented workers crave.

By raising the bar for the quality of employees you onboard, you will see the overall quality of everything your business does improve as well. Better yet, if a talented worker lands at your company, then they’re not working for the competition!

Is there anything special your business does to attract the cream of the crop? Share with us your tips in the comments below.

Bonus Tip: Outsource as Much as Possible
Onboarding new employees can become a costly endeavor due to the salaries required. Furthermore, you may not be able to find qualified local candidates, which can make things more difficult for SMBs. In instances like these, it’s best to consider outsourcing to find the talent that you need. Furthermore, this isn’t necessarily a capital expense, as it’s part of your organization’s operational infrastructure. You can then invest the capital saved into other parts of your business.


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