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Updates and Patches are Critical to Your Infrastructure’s Security

When you get a new device, you’re getting more than just the physical device and whatever software is currently installed on it. You’re also getting any updates and patches that the manufacturer and software developers release. However, many users neglect to incorporate these key improvements. Today, we’ll go over why updates and patches are so crucial.

Why They Matter
When you first come into possession of a new device, whether its a PC workstation, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device, it comes with certain protections against threats and malware. However, these threats are constantly improving in order to overcome these protections, and furthermore, these protections aren’t always perfect.

As a result, if nothing is done, your device will swiftly become vulnerable to threats, and you will experience the ill effects that this malware causes.

This is precisely why manufacturers and software developers work to improve their creations, releasing their improvements in the form of security updates and software patches. These updates and patches are their retaliation against the malware developers and distributors who actively work to overcome the security that the devices you use have in place.

The Difference between Updates and Patches
While they serve largely the same purpose, there are a few key differences between patches and software updates. While both ultimately are intended to resolve security issues, the scope of these processes are different.

Patches are more or less what they sound like: a quick fix that covers a hole in your business’ security until a more permanent solution can be implemented. The software update is the relatively more robust solution, taking the patch and incorporating what it fixes into the new version of the software.

It isn’t uncommon for you to be prompted to install these enhancements as they are released. This only makes sense, as the developers of patches and updates don’t want to be held responsible for a user falling victim to whatever the patch or update was supposed to fix simply because the user wasn’t notified that a fix was available.

We’re Here to Help
Admittedly, when faced with the choice to install an update or patch and wait for the process to complete, or take that time and make progress on some of your work tasks, it can be very tempting to let the patch or update wait for a more opportune time.

At SemTech IT Solutions, we’re available to install these crucial updates and patches when your workforce isn’t active at their workstations. For more information on how we can assist you in your patching and updating, reach out to us at 407-830-1434!


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