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HVAC Companies In Orlando & Central Florida Need Reliable Information Technology

Why HVAC Companies In Orlando & Central Florida Need Reliable Information Technology

When customers call your business, are they immediately getting a response — or are they moving on to your competitors? See how IT is creating a competitive advantage for HVAC companies.  

Running an HVAC business in Florida can present some unique challenges, from the hot and sticky weather throughout the year to unexpected weather events that can throw your town — and your business — into an uproar if you’re not prepared for the aftermath. With such a highly competitive environment, you need to know that your business presents a unified front to your customers, who value immediate availability and exceptional service. It is no surprise that many HVAC companies are turning to reliable information technology solutions to help provide the competitive advantage that they need to grow their business.

Using Information Technology to Grow Your HVAC Business

While HVAC is certainly a technical business in terms of knowledge of various heating and cooling units, you may not realize exactly how much of an impact information technology has on your business growth. When a customer’s air conditioner breaks on a hot summer day in Florida, they will start calling technicians and go with the first company that is able to assure the customer they can resolve the issue — pronto. If your customer service team isn’t getting the phone calls as quickly as they should, or if your technicians are out of touch, it won’t take long before customers head on to the next HVAC provider to get their home or office cooled down quickly. Working with an external information technology provider allows your technicians and service staff to focus on the customer and their experience, not on worrying about whether your telecommunications and network infrastructure are in working order.

You Need Resilient Systems and Strong Disaster Recovery Strategies

Florida weather is infamous for being temperamental, with regular hurricanes and high winds wreaking havoc on businesses and residences alike. HVAC businesses are often some of the first phone calls that homeowners make after a storm, and you need to be able to answer the calls quickly and safely deploy service personnel. When you work with SemTech IT Solutions to create a disaster recovery solution, you can feel confident that your business has the resilience needed to get back online quickly so customers always receive a response.

Security Solutions for HVAC Companies

Security solutions include everything from PCs to phones, all working together cohesively and “talking” to each other so you have the best possible outcome for your business. The SemTech solution is detailed enough to pinpoint the location of the attack down to the individual staff member and email or click that launched an attack, so you can immediately launch training to reduce the possibility of it happening again. “It’s vital to get a root cause analysis, as the owner wants to know why he lost thousands of dollars worth of productivity. Our solutions can tell us how the problem originated and how it can be remediated”, notes Nick Allo of SemTech IT Services in a recent online interview.

At SemTech, our engineers test the solution by putting the company through a test disaster recovery solution to ensure that everything is up and running successfully. That means we provide a full disaster recovery solution for your business — allowing owners the peace of mind knowing that their business is fully protected in the event of an incident. Since 2011, the team at SemTech IT Solutions has been providing Florida HVAC businesses with the information technology advantages that they need to compete in an ever-changing world. Contact the team at SemTech IT Solutions today at 407-329-5125 or schedule your free initial consultation online by filling out a quick form. It’s vital that your team has quick access to the tools and information that they need to provide top-notch service to customers — regardless of the curve balls that Mother Nature can throw your way! At SemTech IT Solutions, we understand the value of fast and convenient service and will always strive for excellence in each interaction.


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