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Businesswoman Contacting Orlando IT Services Company

Do You Know How To Get In Touch With SemTech IT Solutions?

How To Get In Touch With SemTech IT Solutions

Do you know the secret to effective IT support?

It’s not expensive, flashy technology, or vendor partnerships and technical certifications, or even necessarily having the lowest monthly rate…

It’s all about response. The bottom line is whether you can get in touch with your IT team the way you prefer to, and get a response back in a reasonable timeframe.

Businesswoman Contacting Orlando IT Services Company

That’s why the Semtech IT Solutions team is proud to offer effective and responsive support, available to our clients in the following ways:

  • Over The Phone Support – Call our team directly and talk through the issue you’ve encountered.
  • Remote Support – Access remote support directly through our Remote Support Tool.
  • Submit A Ticket – Log your support request and track its progress as we deliver a solution.
  • Ticket By Email – Send us an email with your issue and track it through your inbox.
  • In Person – If you have a small question, bring it up to your tech at your monthly onsite visit.

No matter what question you have that needs expert IT consulting, or regardless of any support request you make that needs a quick answer, we will respond and arrange support in a timely manner. SemTech IT Solutions is available to provide speedy and effective support in the way that works best for you.

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