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What Matters Most?

What Matters Most When Outsourcing Your IT Solutions in Orlando?

The quality of your experience as a user should be the baseline for how effective your IT services in Orlando are. Does your Orlando IT company have the skills and expertise necessary to deliver an undeniably high-quality experience?

Your user experience is the single most important measurement for the quality of any given solution or service we deliver, and that depends entirely on the capabilities and skillsets of the SemTech team.

At the core of everything we do is our amazing staff, who we support by investing in their skills, knowledge, and growth as IT professionals.

Orlando Microsoft Support

Lance Manning Completes MCSA Certification

Aiding SemTech In Reaching Our Goal of Quality IT Solutions For Orlando & Central Florida Organizations.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that one of our team members has officially received his Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification. As one of our server-level engineers, Lance Manning was required to gain this certification in order to deliver a high quality of service to all our clients using Microsoft server solutions.

“Lance’s expertise will directly benefit our clients that rely on Microsoft-powered infrastructure,” said Nick Allo, Director of Information Technology for SemTech IT Solutions. “We’re proud of Lance’s commitment to the program and proud to have another MCSA on staff.”

Those who take the MSCA course have to learn and demonstrate a set of skills with Microsoft server products, proving that they can both maintain those systems on an ongoing basis, as well as address and mitigate any issues as they occur. It is an ideal program for those that hold positions as systems administrators or computer networking specialists.

Why Is This The MSCA Certification Important?

It’s important to note that the MSCA is not a requisite for anyone that actually works with Microsoft servers – Semtech IT Solutions didn’t enroll Lance in this course to maintain compliance or avoid penalties.

We did so because we know the value of investing in our staff’s knowledge and skills. It just makes sense to us that, if we’re going to use Microsoft products for our clients, then our staff should know how to support them.

That’s the key to why this should matter to you and your staff; after all, don’t you want your Orlando IT solutions company to have certified experts in the technology you use? We believe that the more knowledgeable and skilled our staff becomes at what they do for you, the better your experience as a user becomes.

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