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SemTech Connect vs. GotoConnect

VOIP Phone Services Comparison: SemTech Connect vs. GotoConnect

Small businesses need telephone systems that are reliable and flexible to accommodate remote workers. VOIP phone service offers telecommunications services at an affordable price for the SMB market. While there are many vendors on the market, only a few vendors offer a complete platform, including voice, video, text, and mobile solutions. Selecting the right vendor can be a daunting process. This article compares Semtech Connect and GoToConnect (formerly Jive Networks)

What is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Platform?

Unified communications is an integrated platform of solutions, including voice, data, and video services. UCaaS uses the cloud to deliver communications services and offer additional services such as mobile apps, online conferencing and contact center applications. Since these services are provided via cloud-based infrastructure, prices are affordable for any size business, including the solo entrepreneur.

The UCaaS market continues to grow as companies adjust to remote working conditions during the current pandemic. According to the website, “UCaaS combines affordability and convenience into a single package. According to Markets and Markets, the sector should be worth at least $28.69 billion by 2021.”

Comparing Unified Communications as a Service Platforms

Side-by-Side Comparison: SemTech Connect vs. GoToConnect

We have created a side-by-side comparison between SemTech Connect and GoToConnect. Prices and feature selections are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change at any time.

SemTech Connect GoToConnect
Price per month $24.99 / user




Unified Platform YES YES
Contact Center YES YES
Account Manager YES NO
VIDEO Conferencing YES YES
Webphone for In/Out Calls YES YES
Internet fax YES YES

What you need to know about SemTech Connect

SemTech Connect is a complete unified communications platform sold through resellers. It offers a suite of services, marketing support, and technical support for its partners.

The Connect platform includes:

  • Unified Communications platform
  • Contact Center solution with unlimited dialing, texting, and voice services for inbound sales and customer service operations
  • Digital Account Manager

SemTech Connect features and assets include on-premise PBX and VOIP phone services, a mobility app, SIP trunking, SMS services, workforce management (WFM), and IVR SD-WAN and Voice2Text services.

What You Need to Know About GoToConnect (formerly Jive)

GoToConnect, formerly Jive Networks, is part of the GoTo platform of virtual services, including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToRoom and GoToTraining.

GoToConnect is a unified communications platform including VOIP phone, video conferencing call center and mobile applications. The platform features five pricing tiers for both small and large businesses. GoToConnect receives strong ratings for product features, reliability and customer support.

GoToConnect also resells various IP phones and provides integrations with many top communications, productivity and CRM applications.

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