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Why HVAC Companies Need Secure Mobile Technology Solutions?

Your sales force, HVAC engineers and repair technicians are continually on the road, but their mobile devices might be bringing home more than new orders or service history! See why mobile device management is critical for your business.  

It didn’t take business savvy hackers long to figure out that mobile devices are often considered the weakest link in your corporate security net. Even company-issued devices can be subject to downloading questionable apps, clicking links on a website that leads to mobile malware or falling for a business email compromise attack that gives hackers the keys to the kingdom for your network. With the global cost of cybercrime climbing into the trillions of dollars by 2021, it is vital that your business is able to secure these everyday devices that are necessary for field personnel. Fortunately, there are some best practices that your corporation can follow that will help protect your mobile technology.

Secure Mobile Technology Solutions for HVAC Companies

Working on the front lines with customers means having immediate access to billing information, customer records and more — the type of information that hackers would love to exploit directly from your mobile device. Recent studies show that more than 11,000 new malware samples are found every day on Android operating systems alone. This staggering number feels overwhelming, especially when you consider it can be a challenge to keep mobile phones and other scanning devices that are connected to your internal network updated for an entire fleet of service personnel. Without proactive mobile technology solutions, it is extremely difficult to ensure that your confidential customer information is fully secure.

Tips for Keeping Mobile Devices Secure

Mobile device security is an ever-changing landscape. As soon as you’ve plugged all the current security leaks, there are new potential threats on the horizon! While these tips will help add a layer of protection, active management of your mobile devices is the only way to truly stay secure.

  • Require two-factor or multifactor authentication on each device
  • Audit current devices and usage, reducing or eliminating access for individuals or devices that are no longer in active use
  • Invest in mobile device management software, that provides a holistic view of the devices connected to your network
  • Define security “musts” for your team, such as never reusing passwords and defining a high level of complexity to each password
  • Proactively ensure that operating systems are updated and software patches are applied on a regular basis

Just like any hardware that is connected to your corporate network, your mobile devices should be considered an endpoint. You have to assume that someone could eventually gain physical access to a mobile phone and put the appropriate security measures in place to limit the damage that could be done.

Keeping your business operations running smoothly means being able to trust each device that is connected to your network. Without a high degree of security, your mobile technology solutions could easily become the weakest link in the net of security around your business. Don’t let a simple mobile computer virus take down your business or provide hackers with access to your sensitive business information. Contact the HVAC IT service professionals at SemTech IT Solutions today at 407-329-5125 or request support online through our simple form.


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