Advanced Business Phone Systems for Orlando Businesses

Discover how updated business phone systems supported by SemTech IT Solutions will help your Orlando organizations overcome phone challenges.

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Discover how updated business phone systems supported by SemTech IT Solutions will help your Orlando organizations overcome phone challenges.

Are you tired of dropped calls, expensive communications infrastructure, and costly additions such as conferencing and video calling? Maybe it's time to upgrade your company's outdated phone system! Today, businesses are updating their communications abilities with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider.

SemTech is a managed IT services provider that partners with premier telephony vendors for Orlando Business to offer VoIP services that streamline communications and help your company save money on the bottom line—overhead costs.

But before you make the switch to any VoIP provider, you want to make sure that it's the right move for your business. You can use this guide to help you decide if these business phone systems for Orlando businesses are what your company needs to update your telecommunications infrastructure.

How Does a VoIP Differ From a Landline?

Even the most sophisticated landline is limited with basic features such as call-waiting, three-way calling, and caller ID. There are often additional charges as well for international calls if you work with clients globally. And if your company is thinking about hiring remote workers, or offering virtual meetings for clients, there will be even more expenses for a video conferencing platform.

On the other hand, a cloud-based VoIP connects using the internet, and there's no additional hardware other than the phone or alternative user devices, such as a laptop or tablet. A VoIP goes beyond what you expected from your old phone system, with outstanding features such as auto attendants, voice to email transcription, video conferencing, and the ability to run across multiple devices and locations.

Upgraded Business Phone Systems for Orlando Business

Consider the costs of cabling, hardware, closet space, electricity, and cooling. Your current land-based system is likely up to 40 percent more expensive to run than advanced VoIP phone systems. Also, with multiple locations, that means multiple systems, and you currently have to pay for all upgrades and maintenance. With our business phone systems for Orlando Business, you only pay for what you need and use.

What's more, most features and upgrades are included in the subscription cost. The best part, however, is that one cloud-based phone system covers multiple locations giving your company flexibility.

How Does VoIP Telephony Compare in Installation and Scalability?

Your current system likely requires a time-consuming hardware installation. Our Voice over IP solutions are quick and easy because there's minimal hardware. Likewise, outdated landlines are harder to scale and require detailed planning. And it can take several weeks or more to add and remove phone lines. Our systems scale to your company's growth, allowing you to add and delete phone lines as needed, with ease.

What About Upgrading Features and Maintenance?

As with everything land-based, upgrades require an IT specialist to make manual updates. Of course, with digital, upgrades are available automatically through the cloud and happen almost immediately. When it comes to maintenance, you no longer need an IT specialist for your phone system because there's no maintenance other than user devices.

While mobile compatibility is complicated and expensive with your current system, with Business Phone Systems for Orlando Business, anyone can connect from multiple devices.

Digital Data and Recovery

Redundancy is possible with land-based systems. However, it's expensive, and recovery is slower than with digital. It can also negatively impact your customer's experience. And geo-redundancy requires double the space, hardware, software, and capital that you would otherwise need.

Our premier phone systems have a built-in system for recovery if there's a power loss, and the internet fails, with a trigger that ensures calls automatically get rerouted to other data centers to preserve a smooth customer experience. Since geo-redundancy is built into the cloud-based system, there's no need for the extra expense, hardware or software.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Integrating business phone systems for Orlando Business with a mobile app gives your company more flexibility than ever before. Cloud-based technology allows you to switch between devices, streamlining communication seamlessly. That means fewer technical difficulties and distractions, resulting in more productivity for your team. Collaboration is a vital component for your telecommunications infrastructure, particularly with the flexibility needed to keep remote staff or those that are traveling connected at all times.

The fully integrated mobile app is the perfect answer to directing calls from your company's primary business number while protecting private contact information and maintaining a professional presence. Team members can set their availability, make a phone or video call, chat, or set a meeting all with a click.

Do You Need Data? (We Say Yes)

SEMTech's phone systems offer a means to measure call abandonment, as well as call tagging, recording, and reporting. Imagine all the ways you can streamline and improve customer service with the insights you receive through cloud-based solutions. And there's a customizable dashboard with all of the essential information you need for each call.

Your company can take its customer services and sales training up a notch with a cloud-based system, as well. Imagine a world where your staff is able to provide the same level of top-notch client support from a hotel room during travel as they could inside your office?

Additionally, Managers can use drag-and-drop style queues to quickly assign personnel as needed to address spikes in call volume to reduce call time. Our sophisticated software can automate contact information from the business's CRM, providing a better customer service experience.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Outdated Phone System?

If you're considering switching over from your outdated system to cloud-based VoIP, SemTech knows how to unify your communications. You'll receive comprehensive reporting with call and activity records and an array of advanced features that enable mobility, provide greater flexibility, and enhance productivity.

And you won't have to pay extra for video, voice mail, voice to text, or chat — necessary features in a world where many staff members are working remotely full or part-time.

Are you ready to find out more about business phone systems for Orlando businesses? Then book a meeting with SemTech, give us a call or contact us online. We're here to help.

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